R.I.P Stack Bundles

ASK ABOUT ME! I DONE GAVE THE WHOLE HOOD PACKS ANY BOROUGH HOPPED OUT AND GAVE THE WHOLE HOOD DAPS! STOOD AT THEY CORNER STORES AND HEARD THE WHOLE HOOD RAP! NOW TELL ME WHICH ONE OF THESE RAPPERS IS DOIN THAT?!! Hustlaz Ambition, son i had to get it straight, I got a Boxster my Momma drove a 9-68 and they fucked New York up cause everybody had weight, Poppa was getting damn near 30 outta state and these the type of stats that i gotta compete with, now you understand why I’m still on some street shit, sell it for the high but i get it for the low I AIN’T SHIT! just a young fly nigga with a flow!